The 12th Dongying Petroleum Equipment Exhibition Ended Successfully

Issuing time:2019-11-29 00:00

On the afternoon of August 28, the 12th China (Dongying) International Petroleum and petrochemical equipment and technology exhibition was successfully concluded. The exhibition lasts for 3 days, with more than 10000 businessmen from more than 50 countries and regions gathered in Dongying, and the total number of visitors exceeded 50000. During the exhibition, 226 foreign trade contracts (intention agreements) and 196 domestic trade contracts (intention agreements) were signed, which can be described as fruitful results.

Professional visitors break through 50000 person times, and the influence of the exhibition continues to increase.

The exhibition covers a total exhibition area of more than 40000 square meters, with 365 exhibitors and more than 2000 purchasers. More than 10000 merchants from more than 50 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The total number of visitors exceeded 50000, and the influence of the exhibition continued to increase.

In this exhibition, the proportion of physical exhibition accounts for 93% of the total exhibition area, and the exhibitors include more than 50 enterprises and large-scale exhibition groups in the United States, Russia, Turkey, Iran and other countries; domestic key enterprises such as Zhongbo explosion-proof, Jinan Dega, Nanyang micro, etc.; Dongying local key enterprises such as Kerui, plateau, Yongli precision industry, Shengli software, etc.; Shengli Oilfield Branch, Shengli petroleum industry, etc Cheng company, China University of Petroleum (East China), Jingdong, Tencent and other units and enterprises.

The exhibition invited representatives of the 16 world famous oil companies such as Caterpillar, France, Schlumberger, Russia, Tatar oil and other large oil companies, including the "one belt along the way" and the Middle East oil producing countries. More than 500 member enterprises from China Equipment Management Association, China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products and other "China head" business associations attended the meeting. The proportion of high-level purchasers is large, and the number of professional purchasers is more than 9200.

In addition, the exhibition focuses on "specialized and sharp" technical features, which is more professional and practical. More than 500 experts and scholars from relevant scientific research institutions and colleges at home and abroad attended the meeting to visit and exchange. Experts and scholars from China Academy of engineering, China University of petroleum, Beijing University of chemical technology, Northeast Petroleum University and other domestic key universities and scientific research institutes attended the meeting and released the latest scientific research results, and exchanged cutting-edge technology and information in the industry, with remarkable results.

422 exhibitions with total contracts signed continuously improve the effectiveness

This exhibition pays more attention to enterprise cooperation, technical discussion and business exchange. The products on display are high-end, covering 370 categories such as offshore oil drilling and production equipment, exploration equipment, gathering and transportation equipment, special vehicles and more than 17000 varieties, with 132 new products and 248 new technologies on display. Among them, the mud line wellhead and 90K marine electric drive explosion-proof liquid nitrogen pump products are the first in China, filling the gap in the domestic field. Network imaging logging tool, random drilling azimuth electromagnetic wave resistivity tool, woas wireless data acquisition 2h-3 comprehensive recording instrument and other products representing the top technology at home and abroad made their debut at the exhibition. At the same time, nine special events have been organized successively, including 2019 China (Dongying) Petroleum Equipment Industry Development Summit, China (Dongying) international oil and gas industry development forum, the fourth oil and gas equipment quality and safety standard technology seminar. A large number of domestic and foreign trade contracts and agreements have been signed and significant achievements have been achieved.

This exhibition signed 226 foreign trade contracts (intention agreements) and 196 domestic trade contracts (intention agreements). Among them, Kerui group has negotiated with companies from Russia, Italy, Iraq and other countries to sign projects such as workover rigs, fast-moving rigs, underwater wellhead well control, etc., with an intention amount of more than US $30 million. Dongying Yongli precision industry signed 15 million US dollars technical cooperation contracts with SBI company of the United States, top company of Thailand and csp360 company of Colombia respectively. Dongying Weiye Education Technology Co., Ltd., Jinan new future Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong SunYu Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. and other companies respectively reached a number of technical cooperation and purchase intentions with the United States, Russia, Pakistan, Colombia, Canada and other countries. Jiuhuan machinery, Huaneng pneumatic hydraulic, Volga diesel, Dongbao steel pipe, Sanhe petroleum equipment and other companies have reached cooperation intentions with a number of domestic enterprises.

In addition, in order to better display the development results of petroleum equipment technology and promote the holding of exhibition results. Adhering to the principle of fairness and justice, the Organizing Committee of the exhibition selected 27 excellent booths, including 9 excellent special booths, 3 best creative awards, 10 best standard booths, 5 special contribution awards and 14 excellent service providers.

"From September 16 to 18 next year, we will continue to hold the 13th Dongying petroleum equipment exhibition, better create a beautiful business card of Dongying petroleum equipment exhibition, further promote Dongying to the world, and look forward to your active participation. We will see each other." Cao Yonggang, director of Dongying District Bureau of Commerce and director of the office of the leading group of exhibition preparation, said.

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