New Technology of Sanhe anticorrosive Alloy Sucker Rod Fills the Blank in China

Issuing time:2019-11-29 00:00

Recently, researchers of Sanhe Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. have developed a new corrosion-resistant alloy sucker rod, which has been used in field test for the first time. It is understood that this kind of high chromium alloy sucker rod has not been successfully applied in China, which provides a new direction for domestic oil field to control the short life of oil well.

The problem of sucker rod anti-corrosion has always been a problem for rod pumping wells, especially in the late stage of oilfield development, the high water cut and high salinity production fluid aggravates the corrosion degree, which affects the life of sucker rods. For many years, Sanhe company has been committed to research a kind of material type anti-corrosion alloy sucker rod: optimize the composition of the material, improve the intrinsic anti-corrosion performance of the sucker rod, while supporting the fine steel-making process and the finishing process of the sucker rod, improve the anti-corrosion and fatigue characteristics of the sucker rod. The goal is clear. Technicians have experienced hundreds of failures and setbacks, and finally formed a kind of high chromium corrosion-resistant sucker rod which can resist high salinity, carbon dioxide and other strong corrosion environment. The indoor test has reached the following performance indicators: the corrosion rate is only 1 / 40 of the conventional sucker rod, the mechanical performance has reached the level of H, and the fatigue life has reached more than 10x106, meeting the requirements of St / y5029-2013 sucker rod Relevant requirements of the standard. The new material sucker rod was first tested in Dongxin dxy6p5 well and Shengcai stt128x153 well. The salinity of the two wells exceeded 30000 mg / L, both of which were broken and lying down due to the corrosion of the sucker rod. The pump inspection period was about 150 days.

The successful development of the sucker rod will effectively extend the life of the sucker rod in the oil well with strong corrosion, provide strong technical support for the 5-year stationary string of the oil well, and it is expected to bring good news for more than 6000 wells with severe corrosion in Shengli Oilfield, with a broad market application prospect.

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